North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative

About the North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative

In 2017, with seed funding from Trinity Health Of New England/Saint Francis Hospital, the North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative (NHTAC) was launched to improve population health in Hartford with a specific focus on the North Hartford Promise Zone. The NHTAC brings together residents and partners from philanthropy, nonprofit, healthcare and government sectors to improve health using a policy, systems and environmental approach. The NHTAC also serves as the Health and Wellness workgroup for the North Hartford Promise Zone, the Local Prevention Council for the City of Hartford, the REACH Collaborative for the City of Hartford and the Health Enhancement Community for the City of Hartford. 

The NHTAC’s health improvement portfolio brings partners together to work in new and different ways to improve the health and wellbeing of families. Examples include helping to bring a grocery store to the North End of Hartford, working with statewide community health collaboratives to develop policy recommendations on how to better access and utilize clinical and social care data for multi-sector health improvement initiatives, and supporting innovative education and outreach efforts around vaccines including the COVID 19 vaccine. 

Vision: An empowered, equitable and healthy Hartford where everyone thrives. 

Mission: To cultivate a healthy Hartford by advancing racial justice, equitable systems and community capacity. 

Our Partners: 

NHTAC, which is convened by United Way, has 13-member organizations. For more information or to get involved, please contact Rebekah Castagno at 

Resident Leader

(NRZ Appointee)

City of Hartford – Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation