Connecticut united ways Joint Response TO COVID-19

Oct.08, 2021

At the onset of the pandemic, United Ways in Connecticut quickly launched a coordinated effort to help adults and families facing increased financial hardships because of COVID-19.

The Connecticut United Ways COVID-19 Response Fund provided immediate financial assistance via a digital credit card to individuals who had lost their jobs or had work hours reduced. Local United Ways partnered with municipal offices and social service agencies in reaching people struggling to provide basic essentials for themselves and their families.

“For us, the funds were extremely helpful in providing us an efficient way to quickly get money into the hands of people who needed it right away,” said Allison Maynard, Director of Social Services, Town of Somers. “People who had not anticipated being out of work, were now out of work, and within minutes we could have money in their electronic wallet. The whole process was so smooth and so easy, and I can tell you everybody here in Somers are so grateful for the funds.”

Connecticut United Ways COVID-19 Response Fund assisted 5,500 people statewide, including 1,250 in our United Way’s service area, as a result of the $1.2 million raised. Recipients used these resources to pay for everyday necessities, such as food, medicine, utilities and gasoline.