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Meet Nancy

Oct.09, 2018

Nancy Bernstein

Serving Her Community

Meet Nancy – Serving Her Community.

Nancy was raised to be generous for generosity’s sake. Even when times were tough for her family, her parents and grandparents taught her that there were still others who may not be as fortunate. She recalls volunteering — as young as seven years old — with her mom for the Community Chest organization, an early rendition of United Way.

Now, in addition to her “day job” in the health field, Nancy has chosen to pursue leadership opportunities at nonprofit organizations — including United Way — where she serves on many boards and committees in her community. “When you give, you also receive,” says Nancy. “I have always wanted to help change the world for the better — both in my career and my community service. For me, it’s not really about leaving a legacy, it’s about being part of the change. I am so grateful to be involved at so many levels bringing change to the Hartford community.”