United Way ALICE Fund


The Issue: 40 percent (four out of ten) families in our region struggle to make ends meet. ALICE is a United Way coined acronym that stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE families are working, in some cases multiple jobs but are still living below the basic cost of living in Connecticut, now known as the ALICE Survival Budget. As a result, ALICE households are walking a financial tightrope and face difficult choices. ALICE households often have a difficult time establishing savings and are vulnerable to unexpected expenses, such as medical emergencies or car repairs.

Recently, Connecticut United Ways released the ALICE report, which outlined the survival budget for a family of four in our region. The ALICE Survival Budget covers food, housing, healthcare, childcare and transportation.

You Can Make a Difference:
Your gift to United Way matters. This year, we will continue to invest in programs, services and initiatives that have a direct effect on the household budgets of ALICE families. Our goal is to increase the number of people served this year.

Your additional gift of $20, $60, $120 to the United Way ALICE Fund provides the opportunity for local ALICE households:

  • participate in quality early childhood education programs so that they enter kindergarten on track and ready to learn;
  • obtain financial management skills like how to create and stick to a budget; access income supports; and/or get a job through participation in United Way-supported programs and services and;
  • access healthy food and increased food security through regional food banks and nutrition programs, such as Meals on Wheels

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