United Way Launches 2020 Community Campaign

Oct.22, 2020

Hartford, Conn. (Oct. 22, 2020) — United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut has named Shellye Davis, President, Greater Hartford Labor Coalition AFL-CIO and Steven Litchfield, Regional Vice President, TD Bank, its 2020 Community Campaign Co-Chairs.

Together, they’ll work with a United Way Community Campaign Cabinet of business and community leaders committed to raising funds in support of people in central and northeastern Connecticut.

United Way’s annual Community Campaign is one of the largest efforts in the state dedicated to raising funds for health and human services. Donors may give directly to United Way and/or to qualified nonprofit agencies. Contributions directed to United Way ensure coordinated services among a network of partners that focus on children and youth succeeding academically; people getting jobs and becoming financially secure; availability of health services; and, meeting basic needs, such as food and shelter.

Davis has reflected on the increased need in our region as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and calls upon the caring power of communities to come together in support of families affected.

“We have all together watched the last couple of months,” said Davis. “We have watched people lose their jobs. We’ve watched people lose their homes. We’ve even watched a lot of people lose their lives to COVID-19. We have families that are struggling. We have people that need help. We have people that need hope. And United Way has been that force. They are the conveners. They are the hand-raisers to help all at this time. We all need to come together to help each other, to stand together and to be there for each other, and with United Way being that vehicle for us, we can do this.”

For Litchfield, serving as a United Way Community Campaign Co-Chair is personal.

“Several years ago, when my father was ill, one simple phone call to United Way put us in touch with many agencies and organizations that were able to provide my family with the support and the resources that we needed to support my father,” said Litchfield. “We never expected it, but we’re glad that when we made the call, the resources were there, and the support was there. Going forward, let’s dig deep. Let’s make the commitment. Let’s continue to support United Way. The money and resources are helping so many families today who are in desperate need.”

“This year’s annual campaign is more important than ever,” said Paula S. Gilberto, President and CEO, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut. “COVID-19 has resulted in more people needing food, housing assistance, and childcare. Domestic violence is on the rise. People are worried about their health and that of their loved ones. The needs are great and so is the opportunity to come together to make a difference. United Way’s Community Campaign gives us all an opportunity to ensure nonprofit organizations have the resources needed as we recover from the pandemic and rebuild.”

To learn more, visit unitedwayinc.org.

About United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut’s vision is a community where opportunities are available for every child to succeed in school and for every family to achieve financial security. United Way brings people and resources together to address immediate needs and finds long-term solutions to challenging problems. United Way does this by investing in programs and services, leading community change initiatives, and mobilizing resources and volunteers to ensure that: children succeed in school; people get jobs and are financially secure; people are healthy; and, basic needs are met during tough times. For more information, visit www.unitedwayinc.org.


Media Contact: Elyssa M. Millspaugh | United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

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