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United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut has been working to make a difference in the lives of children and families for more than 95 years. We’re your local United Way and we are focused on connecting people in our community to causes they care about and helping businesses reach their goals around philanthropic giving; employee engagement; and, community involvement.

Forty percent of families in our region are struggling to make ends meet. Every day, families in our communities are faced with difficult choices. Locally, our United Way influences change by mobilizing people and resources across sectors to ensure that every child and every family has the opportunity to succeed. Here’s how:

  1. We partner with workplaces to offer philanthropic giving opportunities to employees. We do this by offering an easy, convenient online giving platform, through which employees can give to the causes that they care about most.
  2. We offer unique and meaningful volunteer opportunities that encourage team building and collaboration, while helping employees connect to the communities in which they work.
  3. We provide professional development opportunities for everyone, from young, emerging talent to seasoned professionals through our leadership volunteer opportunities and membership groups.
  4. We host exciting and engaging events throughout the year, with opportunities for sponsorship that provide significant brand lift.
  5. While we may be a local organization invested in central and northeastern Connecticut, we have access to a powerful global network, making it easy to create consistency across your markets.
  6. We invest in and support programs, services and initiatives that directly impact households in our region by ensuring that youth succeed; families are financially secure; people have access to healthcare; and, basic needs are met. We also mobilize volunteers to effect change in these areas.

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