About Us


Financial Standards

The United Way system has developed comprehensive requirements for completion of audited financial statements. They are intended to create a uniform set of standards for all United Ways to follow in preparing audited financial statements to ensure consistency and transparency on the part of each United Way. The requirements are based on current best practices in our industry as well as generally accepted accounting principles and requirements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. The United Way system has also developed requirements for completion of the IRS Form 990 that clarify various areas of ambiguity and establish a single United Way standard for the 990 where the IRS allows for several different approaches.

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut is committed to financial transparency.

Optional Directed Gifts

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut is honored to partner with your employer in helping employees give back to issues they care about.

If you direct a portion or all of your gift to any qualified not-for-profit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service that is Patriot Act compliant, please include the name, address and phone number of the organization.

If we cannot locate your directed organization, or if it is not an IRS qualified 501(c)(3) organization, or it does not meet above requirements, we will make every reasonable attempt to contact you. If we cannot reach you, your gift will go to United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.

Please note that designated gifts are not monitored by United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.

How Contributions Are Distributed

Contributions directed to organizations through United Way are subject to a 10 percent fee (includes administration and fundraising costs), capped at $100 per directed gift (assessed on a pro-rata basis upon gift proceeds received).

Contributions will be distributed directly to designated organizations on an ongoing basis if proceeds and pledge details are received by United Way on or before the end of the month preceding payout.