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The Challenge

Despite working hard, 38% of households in our state are struggling to make ends meet.

ALICE is a United Way coined acronym that stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE families are working, in some cases multiple jobs, but are still living below the basic cost of living in Connecticut – now known as the Household Survival Budget.


As a result, ALICE households are walking a financial tightrope. ALICE households often have a difficult time establishing savings and are vulnerable to unexpected expenses, such as medical emergencies or car repairs.

ALICE Household Budget

In our region, a family of four with one infant and one preschooler would need to make up to $79,512 per year in order to afford the basics. The ALICE Household Budget covers food, housing, health care, child care, technology and transportation.

38 The percentage of households in Connecticut that struggle to make ends meet
52 The percentage of workers in Connecticut who are paid hourly
$45.33 The full-time hourly wage a family of four needs to afford just the basics in Connecticut

United Way invests our financial, staff and volunteer resources in the programs and initiatives serving children and families with the greatest need across our region.


Households in our region who are ALICE – making tough choices every day on how to make ends meet.


Children ready for Kindergarten in Enfield
State average is 35%


PK-12 Hartford students are chronically absent
State average is 11%


Students K-12 eligible for free or reduced-price lunch in Windham
State average is 37%


3rd grade students in Hartford reading proficiently
State average is 53%


8th grade students in East Hartford proficient in Math
State average is 43%


New Britain students who graduate high school on time
State average is 88%

Source: EdSight (Connecticut State Department of Education)