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Your gift of $10,000 or more annually invites you to join United Way’s Tocqueville Society, a National Giving Society.

Who are our Tocqueville Society Members?

Tocqueville Society members are philanthropic leaders who, through generous gifts of treasure, demonstrate their commitment to tackling our community’s most pressing problems to create sustainable change. The Society is named after the 19th century French political thinker and historian Alexis de Tocqueville who, in his writings, recognized the importance of voluntary action on behalf of the common good. The Society is dedicated to developing a stronger sense of community and connection among local philanthropists through engagement opportunities that grow awareness of issues and solutions affecting the well-being of children and families in our community and networking with like-minded individuals.

Members of our local Tocqueville Society automatically become members of United Way Worldwide’s Tocqueville United, which is comprised of philanthropic leaders from throughout the United Way network, including not only the United States but also the world.

Why give directly to United Way?

In addition, those who give directly to United Way, make opportunities possible for children and families right here in our community. They understand and embrace the fact that there must be strategic solutions to our most complex challenges.

They recognize that no one organization or person can do it alone. It is through connecting people and passions they we’re able to make our region a better place.

How are Tocqueville Society Members Recognized?

As a Tocqueville Society Member, your name will be included in the Leadership Investors Roster. This is an online publication, which is published annually.

For a printed copy, please contact Kim Reeves, Director, Leadership and Major Giving at kreeves@unitedwayinc.org

What is the Tocqueville Society Giving Level?

The prestigious Tocqueville Society is an international philanthropic society honoring individuals who annually give $10,000 or more to the United Way Campaign. Members lead by example in their communities and their organizations.

If you and your spouse, or partner, both donate through the United Way Campaign, your annual gifts can be combined to achieve leadership recognition. Learn more about the Tocqueville Society.

Membership Criteria and Benefits

Tocqueville Society membership is open to individuals or couples who donate $10,000 or more annually through the United Way Campaign.

  • Access to, and networking with, influential local business and community leaders
  • Invitations to exclusive events throughout the year
  • Monthly opportunity to engage with Tocqueville United members nationally via the Tocqueville United Signature Series
  • Opportunity to witness and experience United Way’s work first-hand
  • Priority access to United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut events
  • Receipt of quarterly Tocqueville e-newsletter
  • Premier listing in United Way Annual Report and Leadership Investors Roster

Combined Household Gifts

When you combine your gift with that of your spouse or partner for a total annual gift of $10,000 or more, you both can be recognized as United Way Tocqueville Society Members. If you wish to be recognized as a Tocqueville Society Member for your combined gift of $10,000 or more, please be sure to indicate this on your pledge form.

Philanthropy Fund

The Philanthropy Fund is an exclusive program for philanthropists to meet all of their charitable giving needs. Consider how much you want to contribute annually to nonprofit agencies (minimum total of $10,000). At least $5,000 of your gift will benefit United Way. Throughout the calendar year, you can contact the United Way Philanthropy Fund administrator to direct your gift to nonprofit organizations of your choice. Designations may be made as often as you wish, as long as sufficient dollars have been paid into the account. You also have the option to schedule automatic allocations throughout the year. As a “thank you” for your generosity, no fees will be deducted from designations made through the Philanthropy Fund program. Periodic reports will be sent to inform you of your balance and show current designated activity. Any funds remaining as of January 1 will benefit United Way.

If your employer offers a match program, your donation and match combined may be eligible (ex: $5,000 personal gift with $5,000 employer match).

Through the United Way Philanthropy Fund, you receive customization, choice, convenience, recognition and impact.

To learn more, please contact Kim Reeves, Director, Leadership and Major Giving at kreeves@unitedwayinc.org

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