Emergency Response


Our Impact (2019-2020)

How do your donations make a difference?

Youth Success

  • 3,961 children ages birth-5 enrolled in quality early childhood education programs; 3,476 (88%) gained skills needed to succeed in kindergarten, such as language and literacy skills.  
  • 1,707 children grades K-3 participated in school and out-of-school time programs1,248 (73%) improved their academic performance related to grade-level standards. 
  • 166 academically struggling students (matched with 107 United Way Readers volunteers) improved their literacy skills  

Economic Mobility

  • 742 individuals gained employment
  • 1,972 individuals accessed benefits to increase their disposable income: 481 (99%) enrolled in childcare subsidies, 641 (97%) enrolled in public healthcare, and 1,661 (84%) enrolled in SNAP benefits. 

Access to Health and Basic Needs

  • 103,527 calls were made to United Way 2-1-1
  • 7, 114 individuals found safety/services related to sexual assault or domestic violence
  • 1,808 individuals received emergency shelter