Membership Groups

Membership Groups

Join one or all of the following membership groups and LIVE UNITED every day! Members of the groups listed below have exclusive opportunities for United Way events, volunteering and more.

Turn the power of me into we! We can achieve so much more together than any of us can alone. As a member, you’ll share your voice, time and talents, while giving to support United Way’s work in improving lives for children and families in our community.


ELS members are a new generation of leaders committed to BIG and LASTING CHANGE for our community.


Women United members are women leaders in our community who stand up and take action to strengthen women and families in our community.


 Leaders in Giving:

Constitution Society

Members are leading the way in making real, measurable impact on issues people struggling to make ends meet are facing locally. Membership is open to individuals and couples who donate annual gifts totaling $1,000-$9,999 of which a minimum of $1,000 is invested in United Way to support the organization’s work.

Tocqueville Society

Members are philanthropic leaders who through generous gifts of $10,000 or more annually, of which $1,000 or more is invested in United Way, demonstrate their commitment to tackling our community’s most pressing issues and creating sustainable positive change.

Women of Tocqueville

Women of Tocqueville is the collective power of women business, civic and philanthropic leaders coming together to improve the well-being of children and families in Central and Northeastern Connecticut through gifts of treasure, wisdom, and service. Membership is open to Tocqueville Society donors who allocate a minimum of $5,000 to Women of Tocqueville.

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