United Way Launches its 2023 Community Campaign  

Sep.27, 2023

This initiative includes fundraising, advocacy and large-scale volunteer activations to support communities across central and northeastern Connecticut. 

Hartford, Conn. (Sept. 27, 2023) — United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut today launched its 2023 Community Campaign with individual and corporate fundraising paired with impactful volunteer mobilizations that will continue during this fall. Approximately 2,150 volunteers will be supporting the community through different projects, dozens are lifting their voices to champion causes they care deeply about, and thousands are actively raising funds in support of people in central and northeastern Connecticut. The organization launched this season of giving in partnership with Travelers, which engages hundreds of volunteers and invests more than $1 million in grant funding and employee contributions to support United Way each year. 

The campaign season launch took place at Levo International, a United Way community partner that has hosted more than 15 volunteer projects this year.  

United Way’s annual Community Campaign is one of the largest community-centric campaigns in the state dedicated to creating positive and lasting change for people in our community. United Way closes gaps that hold working families back from achieving financial stability and creating opportunities for people to succeed. Donors may give directly to United Way and/or to qualified nonprofit agencies. Contributions directed to United Way ensure coordinated services among a network of partners that focus on children and youth succeeding academically; people getting quality jobs and becoming financially secure; availability of health services; and, meeting basic needs, such as food and shelter. 

“The success of our annual community campaign is crucial for the work we do in the community. Recent data shows that 39 percent of residents in Connecticut and within our region specifically are struggling to make ends meet. Funds raised help us as we work to create opportunities for every family in our community to succeed. We appreciate the commitment of the thousands of supporters who give the gift of their time, talent and treasure, making a serious commitment to supporting this collective goal,” shared Eric Harrison, President and CEO, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.  

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut’s annual community campaign runs from July 1 through June 30. While United Way holds bold community goals this year, it is looking ahead to its centennial year of service in 2024 and beyond.  

“United Way’s Community Campaign gives us all an opportunity to strengthen our community for generations to come,” added Harrison.   

To learn more and get involved, visit unitedwayinc.org. 


About United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut 
United Way brings people and resources together to address immediate needs and finds long-term solutions to challenging problems. United Way does this by investing in programs and services, leading community change initiatives, and mobilizing resources and volunteers to ensure that: children succeed in school; people get jobs and are financially secure; people are healthy; and, basic needs are met during tough times. For more information, visit unitedwayinc.org.