United Way Donor Advised Fund

Much like a charitable savings account, a United Way Donor Advised Fund makes giving to the causes you care about simpler than ever before.

It’s easy-to-establish, flexible and a tax effective way to support United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and other charities.


  • Achieve positive impact, based on your personal interests, values and philanthropic goals
  • Make grants to the organizations* and institutions you care about through your personal online account with the option to grant anonymously
  • Bundle contributions and receive immediate charitable deduction with the flexibility to make grants as you wish
  • Contribute using a wide variety of cash and marketable securities; and with prior approval, other assets such as real estate, artwork or private company stock
  • Mitigate capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated securities and/or reduce your estate tax liabilities
  • Support the organizations you care about in perpetuity by assigning a successor advisor
  • Establish charitable giving as your legacy by involving children or grandchildren in your grant making decisions

How It Works

  1. Establish an account by completing a Donor Contribution Agreement with United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.
  2. Contribute cash or securities to the account.
  3. United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut will provide a tax receipt for the current tax year deduction.
  4. An account is created, managed and the assets are invested by United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut’s investment partner, Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. (MS GIFT).
  5. As you wish, direct distributions to United Way and other charities from the account.
  6. Assets remain under the management of MS GIFT, for future distribution.

 Creating a philanthropic legacy is easy with United Way’s Donor Advised Fund.

Learn More

For more information about how a donor advised fund can be part of your overall charitable giving strategy, contact Kim Reeves, Director of Leadership and Major Giving .

*All contributions to United Way’s Donor Advised Fund will be split between a designated fund and a discretionary fund, with 20 percent of the contributions being allocated to the designated fund and 80 percent to the discretionary fund. Donors may recommend grants from the designated fund only to United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut. Amounts held in the discretionary fund may be granted to any IRS-qualified U.S. charity, including United Way.

For example, an investment of $20,000 will result in $16,000 to your discretionary fund and $4,000 to a fund designated to support the work of United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.