Success Stories

United Way COVID-19 Response: VITA Participant

Oct.08, 2020

Elizabeth says that all seniors should take advantage of Virtual VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). Due to the restrictions in place from COVID-19, the 80-year-old was concerned about where to access tax filing assistance while remaining safe.

Elizabeth had used VITA services in 2019 at the Manchester Community College site and called the volunteer who worked with her then. Mary Beth, the VITA volunteer, provided Elizabeth with the Virtual VITA website link so she could begin filing.

Despite feeling nervous at first, Elizabeth says she found the instructions easy to follow and said she received her refund just eight days after filing. She encourages everyone — especially seniors — to use the virtual service.

She says, “Try VITA! They will patiently walk you through the entire process. I never felt rushed. Even if you have just a little computer knowledge, they’ll help you out. I will definitely take advantage of Virtual VITA in the future!”

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