United Way Statement on Recent Acts of Gun Violence

May.25, 2022

In the past two weeks, we have witnessed unfathomable acts of gun violence in our country.

The mass murder of 10 people, almost all of them Black Americans, at the Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, NY is one of the deadliest racist massacres in recent American history. On Sunday, a culturally-motivated shooting killed one person and injured five others at the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in southern California. Yesterday, children and their teachers were murdered at their school in Uvalde, TX.

There are really no words sufficient enough to explain the pain, trauma, anger and sadness that the last two weeks have brought. The world feels heavy today. We mourn for those we have lost in recent events and their loved ones as we also remember George Floyd on the second anniversary of his murder.

During a time of great division and tragedy, it is more important than ever that we LIVE UNITED. Our hearts are broken today, but we are strong in our belief that together, we can build a brighter future for everyone.