Emergency Response


Where Your Dollars Go

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented human and economic loss to our community. While each of us has been affected, the pandemic underscores the health and economic disparities of lower-wage earners and people of color; the vulnerability of those already hungry, homeless or developmentally compromised; the elderly; and, those experiencing domestic violence.


United Way is built for tackling the immediate and long-term effects of COVID-19. It’s in our makeup and that of our passionate donors, volunteers, community-based organizations, and corporate, school, government and philanthropic partners.


No single person or organization can address the tough challenges we face ahead alone. When you give directly to United Way, you are supporting a network of partners that are working together in an integrated way to address the complex needs families face today.


Join our network of support by donating to United Way. For us, getting “back to normal” isn’t enough, we need to build a better normal with more equitable outcomes for all.


With your continued support, we will respond, recover, reimagine and rebuild a better normal for our future. Here’s how:



We utilize the strength of our network and community to respond to challenging problems, so opportunities continue to be available for children to succeed in school and families to be financially secure.



We’re working with municipalities, non-profits and corporate partners on recovery plans for individuals and families to secure jobs, gain financial stability, maintain good health and obtain a quality education.



We’re spearheading innovative ways for people to get help and give help. We provide convenient ways to connect donors and volunteers with causes they care about, as well as virtual opportunities for people to connect during a time of physical isolation.



We are the organization you can count on when times get tough, and we’re committed to rebuilding an even stronger community for all.