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Meet Daeja

Aug.28, 2019

At United Way, we strive to create a community where every child and family has the opportunity to succeed. We tackle tough problems, addressing immediate needs and finding long-term solutions.

We do this by investing in programs, initiatives and services and by mobilizing volunteers. Because we know that United, we can do more than anyone can do alone.

One example is our investment in STRIVE, which provides young women with STEM education, leadership development, teamwork, career opportunities, community activism and healthy decision-making.

Our United Way brings people and resources together to find long-term solutions to challenging problems, such as ensuring that youth succeed academically.

Meet Daeja

In New Britain, the YWCA is there to offer help along the way. It’s United Way-supported STRIVE program provides youth development activities for girls attending Slade or Pulaski Middle School.

STRIVE — an acronym for Strength, Teamwork, Respect, Individuality, Vision and Excellence — affords a safe after-school environment where girls like Daeja can continue to learn and have fun. When Daeja began middle school, she struggled academically and had trouble staying focused and on task.

As a participant of STRIVE, Daeja was provided in-class and after-school academic assistance. Over time, with guidance from YWCA staff, Daeja was moved from a special education classroom to an honors classroom, where she continued to shine.

Today, Daeja is about to start her first year of high school. She’s more confident in her abilities and is well on her way to achieving greater levels of success. “STRIVE is the favorite part of my day,” said Daeja. “It’s fun. You learn a lot and they give good advice.”

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