Workforce Solutions
Collaborative of Metro Hartford

What’s New?

Workforce Solutions Collaborative of Metro Hartford  received a grant in August 2023 to integrate human-centered design (HCD) into our programs and operations for 18 months. This grant, provided by the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, will allow us to leverage our experience with employers, benefit job seekers, and promote equitable employment outcomes. We aim to create a positive culture and system change that benefits under-resourced job seekers by applying HCD principles to our programs and processes.

Our intermediary partner, Capital Workforce Partners, joins the winning award of the Good Jobs Challenge by the Economic Development Administration to the Office of Workforce Strategies to promote the Information Technology workforce project in the Hartford region.

Our Advanced Manufacturing Employer Partnership, with our intermediary CCAT, is gaining recognition as an effective Regional Sector Partnership in the state of Connecticut.

Both our intermediary partners have won contracts with the State of Connecticut for the CareerConneCT training and upskilling programs running through 2025. For more information from CWP, sign up here.

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