Workforce Solutions
Collaborative of Metro Hartford

Workforce Solutions Collaborative of Metro Hartford’s impact benefits individual members of our community while promoting the adoption of innovative practices that improve the outcomes for our partners, including employers’ hiring and retention rates.

Our vision for success is to help more residents get access to good jobs and for employers to hire the skilled workers they need to succeed. Examples of how we consistently achieve progress toward this vision include:

  • In a typical year, we assist approximately 200 participants in gaining trainings and placements into good jobs;
  • We encourage and fund employers’ innovative pilot projects that create a path to career advancement for their incumbent workers;
  • We support several employers’ efforts to improve the quality of their jobs, resulting in improved retention and reduced turnover rates;
  • Our work promoting more female participation into careers in manufacturing created opportunities for many “Women at Work” at the YWCA; and,
  • Our programs greatly increased the success of many participants in their placements thanks to the supports we are able to provide for their basic needs.