Workforce Solutions Collaborative
of Metro Hartford

Our Partners

We believe our impact is enhanced and leveraged through collaborations with other organizations, programs and alignment of resources.

At the national level:

  • We belong to the network of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, now 32 strong, by sharing in its bounty of innovation, adoption of best practices, technical assistance, peer support, and resources.

Regional and local:

  • Our workforce intermediary partners are Connecticut Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAT) for manufacturing and Capital Workforce Partners (CWP) in healthcare and transportation, distribution and logistics. Each intermediary convenes employers to develop and implement strategic plans.
  • In addition to our intermediary partners, we maintain collaborations with the Capital Area Pipeline Partnership, the City of Hartford, Hartford Data Collaborative, Hartford Generation Work, Hartford Opportunity Youth Collaborative, Hartford Working Cities, North Hartford Ascend Pipeline, and other organizations and initiatives in our region.